Introduction To mongo_objects


mongo_objects wraps pymongo with new classes to simplify access to MongoDB documents and subdocuments.

Documents are returned as user-defined UserDict subclasses, seamlessly linking user code with MongoDB data.

Subdocuments are accessed through user-defined, dictionary-like subclasses that proxy data from the original parent document.


Install from PyPI. We recommend installing into the virtual environment for your Python project.:

pip install mongo_objects

The source code is also available GitHub.

Getting Started

Check out the Quickstart documentation for a brief overview of document and subdocument features.

See the Sample Application code for a working demonstration.

MongoDB Documents

Return your MongoDB documents as customized UserDict subclasses.

Sub-Document Proxies

Manage subdocuments as lightweight dictionary-like proxies back to the parent document object.


Development sponsored by Headwaters Entrepreneurs Pte Ltd.

Originally developed by Frontier Tech Team LLC for the Wasted Minutes ™️ language study tool.

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